Here are a few key things to help you understand how MagicAdz works:

We scan around 10k Facebook ads everyday, all of which you can see in our database.

Afterwards you can search by the ads relevant to you, be it your competitors, e-commerce ads, affiliate ads, political, or any other type of ad.


Sort ads by:  

Here you can sort your ads by:

  • Last Scanned
  • First Scanned
  • Newly Created
  • Oldest Created
  • Most Liked
  • Most Commented
  • Most Shared

Last Scanned and First Scanned sorts ads by the time they were scanned, while Last Created and First Created sort ads by the time of their creation.

Search options:

Click on the drop-down arrow to choose from where do you want to search ads.

  • Ads: Search for keywords or sentences used at specific ads.tpe keywords or sentences you want to search inside the ad.
  • Landing pages: Search for where the keyword is used at the landing page, work ¬†both with normal text and HTML code or scripts.
  • Redirects: Search for any links used on the redirect path between the ad and the affiliate pre-lander.
  • Comments - Search for the latest comments, see what people say!
  • Facebook Page: See ads from a specific Facebook page, useful to track your competitors.
  • Domain: Search for ads directing to an specific domain.
  • Affiliate Offer: Search for ads running an specific affiliate offer.
  • Offer Domain: Search for ads directing to an specific affiliate offer domain.

Demographics and ad type

Allows you to filter ads target at a specific country, age. or gender.


With 1 -click MagicAdz allows you to filter through all ads and find affiliate ads only.

  • Affiliate ad: Filter for affiliate ads only, uncloaked, cloaked, or suspected cloaked (ads we believe are cloaked but can't say for certain).
  • Verticals: Filter from 22 affiliate verticals to see only the ads that interest you, such as solar, diet, or casino.


Allows you to filter e-commerce ads from the biggest e-commerce platfoms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.

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