What is Cloaking?

Cloaking means you show one landing page to a certain percentage of the audience, and a different landing page to the rest.

How do cloakers work?

Each cloaker has their own technology and some work better than others. Here are some of the basic methods they use.

  • IP: Block visitors coming from specific IP's of your choice.
  • Referral URL’s: Block users coming from websites of your choice.
  • GeoIP: Allows only visitors from the targeted location to see it, nd they’re not going to be able to see your page unless they have an I P address from the same area.
  • Other advances digital fingerprints: Allow only visitors from mobile, or with 

Here are some scenarios where advertisers might want to cloak:

  • Banned offers: Running an offer that’s banned on a traffic source? The cloaker will detect if someone is a reviewer from the traffic source and direct then to another page of your choosing.
  • Banned Landing Page Techniques: Perhaps you want to get really aggressive with your landing page to increase your conversion rates. Maybe techniques such as exit pops or GEOIP scripts are not allowed so cloaking the reviewers can send them to an alternative page instead.
  •  Other Affiliates: Found an affiliate is consistently copying your creatives? Simpy block IP.

How do we deal with cloaked ads?

As part of our work tracking online ads and their online integrity, our algorithm detects which ads are cloaked.

For those ads, we visit each of them with a new and unique combination of fingerprints allowing us to bypass cloakers and show the real landing page used by the advertiser.

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