Beyond using our filters to easily see affiliate ads only, you can search for ads our algorithm might have missed and discover many more ads.

Since any affiliate angles use similar angles and copy writing, after browsing a few of our marked affiliate ads, patters will start to emerge and finding more affiliate ads will be easy.

Search inside ads:

This will result with is many ads and advertisers are running the same exact copy, possible variations, and different landing pages.

Now, to see more ads within the same angle search for key parts of common senteces used inside affiliate ads or slightly different variations. 


  • Started drinking this and noticed a change immediately
  • Save up to X% Off Today
  • It's A Heartbreaking Decision For UFC Fans

Search inside comments:

Search for key comments inside ads that customers might write.


  • Bitcoin
  • Casino 
  • This diet works

There are many more and in every existing language, find the common ones and search for them.

Search inside landing pages:

Many affiliate ads use the same landing page, to find more affiliate ads search for titles or common sentences used in those landing pages to find more ads.

For example “$4.95 Weight Loss Solution That Naturally Burns Fat Gets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History”, If you search for ads with the sentence above you’ll find a few more ads, and know how many people are running these ads.

Try searching for slightly different variations or key parts of the sentence, for example
“Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History”, now you will find more ads with different variations inside the landing page.

Examples of sentences and keywords used inside the money page:

  • Yukon Gold
  • Bitcoin Revolution

Search the landing page HTML:

MagicAdz's landing page search option let's you search beyond keywords only.
With MagicAdz you search for anything inside the HTML including scripts and iframes cripts. If it’s there, we have it.

Examples of pieces of codes used inside money pages:

  • npopstate=
  •  ObterParametroUrl

Redirect Path

Found an affiliate link on the redirect path? You can search for more ads using the same affiliate link inside the redirect path.

Examples of links used on the redirect path by other affiliates:

To find out which ads are most probably profitable sort your search by first created or most liked.

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